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COVID-19: Current state of affairs, Omicron, and a search for the end game - Marty Makary, Zubin Damania
The Peter Attia Drive
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COVID-19: Current state of affairs, Omicron, and a search for the end game

The Peter Attia Drive

Marty Makary, Zubin Damania, Peter Attia

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The vaccines... are 70% effective against symptomatic COVID. 10 weeks after a booster, it goes down to 35% for Pfizer and 45% from Moderna. So, within 10 weeks, you're seeing even the booster wear off against your ability to test positive or have a symptomatic case, but those memory B-cells and T-cells are still working. The cellular immunity is still protecting against severe illness.

10 Weeks Post-Booster, Antibody Titers Decrease 35% (Pfizer) & 45% (Moderna)

We still have doctors telling folks 'Oh, you have COVID. Tough it out. Stay at home.' You know what? We should be telling them... fluvoxamine reduces mortality by 91%; budesonide, a steroid inhaler, markedly reduces hospitalization; vitamin D has been found to be correlated with severity of illness in a German study in hospitalized patients; hypertonic saline is an age-old treatment that's been used to sort of rinse out the nasal cavity, and it's been used by doctors for a long time with many viruses.

Why Aren't Doctors Utilizing Fluvoxamine, Budesonide, & Hypertonic Saline as COVID Therapeutics?

It may be that Omicron is nature's vaccine. It is far more mild. And for the 93% of the population living in poor countries in the world, they don't have access to a vaccine right now ... So, a lot of people out there are going to get vaccinated essentially by getting Omicron.

Omicron May Be Nature's Version of a Vaccine

The other interesting thing about this particular pandemic... 99.6% or whatever of people are going to get better no matter what. In other words, staying home and doing nothing, they're probably going to be just fine.

With Omicron, 99%+ of Patients Would Be Fine Without Taking a Single Therapeutic

...Children born during the pandemic have significantly reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance compared to children born pre-pandemic.

Compared to Pre-Pandemic, Kids Born During COVID-19 Have Reduced Cognitive Performance

I think one of the great mistakes we made as a medical community was to suggest that somehow being vaccinated was going to eliminate that risk of transmission, and we've set that expectation. And now people run around saying they don't work when, in fact, the vaccines are very effective in downgrading the severity of illness.

COVID-19 Vaccines Reduce the Window of Contagiousness By 66%; They Don't Prevent Infection

Measuring circulating antibodies and saying you know everything about a person's immunity is sort of like looking in a person's bank account and saying you know everything about their net worth.

Circulating Antibodies Are a Poor Indication of COVID-19 Immunity

Omicron is not infecting lung cells, neither lung individual cells or what we call organoids in a lab ... It's about 90% less efficient in replicating in those lung cells.

More Mild Than Delta, Omicron Doesn't Infect Lung Cells as Efficiently

I think the idea of asymptomatically testing athletes is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. Like, we're going to just test everybody in the NFL and NBA and NHL and NCAA. It's like, seriously? What is the logic of this?

Now Early 2022, Widespread Testing Doesn't Make Sense at This Point in the Pandemic