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#1070 Andrew Tate Is The New Alex Jones
The Pomp Podcast
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#1070 Andrew Tate Is The New Alex Jones

The Pomp Podcast

Andrew Tate, Anthony Pompliano

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Soon, the vaccine is going to be mandated ... I should have some sovereignty over my own blood. You're telling me I don't get to choose what's in my bloodstream? The government owns me to that level, like a sheep in a farm where I can't even decide amongst myself? I can't make a personal decision to keep my blood pure of your experimental vaccines? This is insane.

Andrew Tate Thinks Mandated COVID Vaccines Are Insane; We've Lost Freedom

The average age of death of corona is higher than the average life expectancy. It's incredible. And people, to this day, still put their masks on. You must have a mental disorder to be putting a mask on.

Andrew Tate: People Wearing Masks to Protect from COVID Have a 'Mental Disorder'

If you wear a mask, it's for one of two reasons. You're scared of corona, which is pathetic ... Option two, you're not scared of corona; you're scared of the government. So, option one, you're a coward ... Option two, you're not scared of corona; you just comply, knowing it's stupid, making you a coward. You're either an idiot or a coward.

Andrew Tate Thinks People Who Wear Masks Are Either Idiots or Cowards

A bad day is coming—for all of us. For all of us in our future, there's a 100% probability that either we're going to die or someone we love is going to die. So, a bad day is coming. You will have a reason to be upset soon enough. That's a fact. Why are you doing it in advance? Nothing's wrong today. Oh, you have flat tire. Boo hoo.

Andrew Tate Enjoys Every Single Day of His Life — And You Should Too

Webcam girls have prevented more male suicide than... any therapist, any group of therapies, anything you can possibly think of. There are dudes out there who the only pleasure they have in their world is knowing that this beautiful 19-year-old in Ukraine knows their name and remembers their birthday. That is their pleasure on the planet ... It's far closer to therapy than it is to sex, this webcam industry.

Andrew Tate Thinks Webcam Girls Have Prevented More Male Suicide Than Therapy

I think all this stuff—feminism, racism, all these things—I think they're all control mechanisms. They have to keep the poor people fighting amongst each other, because if the poor people all unite, then it's much harder to control us.

Tate Thinks Racism Is Propagated By Ruling Elites to Keep Poor People Divided

Corona sealed the deal. I could not believe the level to which people were complying with this garbage ... You're forcing people to close down family businesses they've had for generations? ... You're bankrupting people. All over a virus that they will openly tell you won't hurt you. 99.9% survival rate. And people are still complying? I couldn't believe it.

Andrew Tate Can't Believe People Complied With COVID Mandates

I really don't understand people who say they lack motivation in life, because I'll make this extremely clear: If you're not pushing and striving for something, life is so mundane.

Frustrated That Rich People Hacked the Matrix, Andrew Tate Started Kickboxing

Women have a very different mentality to money than men. If you show a woman how to make $1,000 an hour, she'll think, 'I only have to work an hour a week.' Whereas, if you show a man how to make $1,000 an hour, he thinks, 'Ah, I can make $18,000 a day.' That's the difference between us.

While Running His Webcam Business, Tate & the Models Split Revenue 50/50

America is absolutely not the most racist country in the world. If you travel like I have—I've been to 72 countries—basically every country is more racist than America.

Andrew Tate: 'Basically Every Country Is More Racist Than America'

The number one way you're going to destroy racism if you really want to destroy it is to stop talking about it. Stop discussing it.

Andrew Tate: The #1 Way to Destroy Racism Is to Stop Talking About It

When you look at things like corona and all the other things, it's all an attack on the freedom of individuals. Because the people in charge of the world now understand that they can no longer control us via propaganda, and they have to remove our freedoms. And to remove our freedoms, there's only one thing you can...replace it with, one thing humans will accept, and that's safety.

Andrew Tate Think Governments Remove Freedoms & Replace Them With Safety

I grew up around a bunch of other poor kids, and we'd be walking to school or walking to college, and a Ferrari would drive past. And they'd go, 'Oh, cool, a Ferrari.' And I'd say, 'Doesn't that annoy you? ... He's hacked the matrix. Don't you see? How does he have $400k for a car? He knows something we don't know. Aren't you annoyed that there's people out there living a lifestyle that we can't ever aspire to?'

Frustrated That Rich People Hacked the Matrix, Andrew Tate Started Kickboxing

I truly believe this is propagated by the ruling elites on purpose ... When a black billionaire meets a white billionaire, you think there's any racism? Do you think they care? ... There's no racism. The racism's for poor people.

Tate Thinks Racism Is Propagated By Ruling Elites to Keep Poor People Divided

Nobody wants Biden. Go down the street. You say, 'Do you want Biden, or do you just not like Trump?' ... No one's like, 'Yes, Joe Biden!' Nobody! Nobody wants him. His rallies were empty.

After Trump's 2016 Win Broke the Propaganda Machine, Tate Thinks Elites Rigged Biden's Victory

I think Trump mattered because he was the last bastion of resistance to the shadow figures who truly run the world. I think, now, from here on out, it's never going to matter, because whoever's in there is in there because he has people above him who he complies with. That's what I believe. I believe Trump was the last hope of a president who actually had ideas and actually cared.

Tate: Trump Was the Last President to Resist the Shadow Figures Who Run the World

If I had to bet on countries like I was betting on cryptos across the next 200 years, I'd be buying China coin. I would not be buying USA coin. I just see it on the way down. That's all I see.

Andrew Tate Thinks America Is on the Decline; He's Bullish on China

I think we often confuse racism with pattern recognition ... If I walk down the street, and a purple man attacks me, and then I walk down the street again, a purple man attacks me. Two years later, I'm walking down the street, and I see a purple man, I'm going to be more intimidated than if it was a green man, for example. That's pattern recognition.

Andrew Tate Thinks Racism Is Often Confused With Pattern Recognition

After the US election was rigged, which it was... I say that because all the empirical evidence points to the fact it was rigged.

Andrew Tate Thinks the 2020 Election Was Rigged: 'There's No Way Joe Won That'

I'm different variations of happy. I have more happy, and I have slightly less happy, but unless something terrible's happened, I've lost a family member, unless I'm literally distraught, every day's a happy day.

The Best Way Get Luckier? Start Saying 'I'm a Lucky Person'

We live in an attention economy. The economy we live in now is based on attention. If you can get attention in your direction for any reason, bad or good, you will be successful. The Kardashians have no reason to be successful. It's attention.

Andrew Tate Thinks Fighting Is the Worst Career Path in History

You could get, probably, the most racist cop in America... In general, I like to believe that if you show some respect, 99% of the time, they show you respect back, regardless of what color they are.

If You Respect Cops, They Respect You Back 99% of the Time

Everyone knows the election's rigged. They didn't even try and hide it. Mail-in voting, we're gonna take an extra 10 days to count, and buses of votes come out of nowhere, it's all fair. Get over it. They don't even hide what they're doing anymore.

After Trump's 2016 Win Broke the Propaganda Machine, Tate Thinks Elites Rigged Biden's Victory

The future is based on enslavement; that's what it's based on. It's based on removing your freedoms under the guise of safety, telling you you're going to be safe, removing all your freedom as an individual to keep you believing the lies and paying taxes and being a good slave until you die. That's what they need you to do. They need you to pay taxes and die.

Andrew Thinks the Future Is Based on Enslavement; Your Freedoms Are Numbered

The American government is the most oppressive in the world ... If you're living only with an American passport, you're living under the most oppressive regime.

Andrew Tate Thinks America Has the Most Oppressive Government in the World

I think I sleep, like, maybe 6, 7 hours a day. I'm not a big sleeper ... You know when you're a child, and you don't go to bed until you're really tired? But when you're an adult, you go to bed because you know you have to do things the next day. I try and avoid that ... I try and go to bed when I'm genuinely tired ... I don't give myself a bedtime. Even if I have to be up again at 6 AM the next morning, if I'm not tired at 3 AM, I'll just stay up.

Andrew Tate Doesn't Have a Bedtime; He Sleeps When He's Exhausted

I'm not hating on Dan [Blizerian]... But Dan is more of a customer, and I'm more of a pimp ... Dan's the kind of guy who would contact a man like me to get girls in his videos. I'm the kind of guy where the girls pay me the money Dan gave them.

Pomp Thinks Andrew Tate Is the Dan Blizerian of Eastern Europe

I believe that Hollywood takes every single chance it can to empower females to the point of reducing men's ability to look like a man.

Andrew Tate Thinks 'The Queen's Gambit' Is Feminist Hollywood Garbage

Every time I mention chess, some guy mentions poker: 'I don't play chess; I play poker.' As if it's the same intelligence level. Shut up. One, it's not. Poker, yeah, you have to be semi-smart, but you don't need to be a an actual genius to play poker.

Andrew Tate Bashes People Who Compare Poker to Chess

Most people are so inherently dependent on the system they will fight to defend it. That's exactly what's happening now. You see the Karens yelling about masks—they are so dependent on the system, they will do the work for them. They will die to defend a system.

Andrew Tate Thinks People Are Happy to Be 'Slaves'; They're Conditioned to Obey

The inflation figure the government states, if you believe that, then you believe in corona. That's a lie. It's a flat-out lie.

Moving Large Sums of Money Is a Nightmare; Not With Bitcoin

I can't think what we're united by in the West anymore. What are we united by? Nothing ... All were united by, perhaps, is greed ... So, it's very difficult to find anything that's keeping America together.

Lacking Unification, Andrew Doesn't See How America Can Compete With China

Fighting, very much like chess, is also a thinking man's sport. I've had 87 fights; my nose has never been broken. You see the fighters that look like fighters, they're not as good as the fighters that don't look like fiighters.

Like Chess, Andrew Tate Believes Kickboxing Is a Thinking Man's Sport

The rule 1 of life is do not die. That's the first rule of life. I've been in some situations in my life where I had to remind myself of rule one: No matter what it takes, do not die.

Andrew Tate Enjoys Every Single Day of His Life — And You Should Too