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PBD Podcast | EP 123 | Dr. Jordan Peterson
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PBD Podcast | EP 123 | Dr. Jordan Peterson

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Adam Sosnick, Patrick Bet-David, Jordan Peterson

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We have no idea what the costs are of having kids in masks for two years. We have no idea what the consequences are, what that's done, especially to introverted kids ... Who knows what that's done to their psychological development—both as children and adolescents. We'll find out over time, but we haven't paid the price for the pandemic lockdowns even a little bit yet.

Jordan Peterson on Kids Wearing Masks & Lockdowns: We've Yet to Pay the Price

I just can't see any scenario short of his assassination that ends up in Rogan not having 20 million viewers an episode in a year.

Jordan Peterson: Spotify Would Be 'Out of Their Mind' to Remove Joe Rogan

Let's pray that we wake up, and we treat the pandemic like the flu, and we get back to something resembling the normality of Florida, and we put this behind us, and we don't get too upset about January 6th, and we don't get to vengeful about the Democrats and the radical left, and we elect someone half sensible to run the Republicans, and we carefully weave our way through to a peaceful future.

Jordan Thinks It's a Miracle Manhattan Businesses Survived COVID Lockdowns

As long as he's careful, like he is, I don't think Rogan can be canceled. So, even if Spotify dumps him, it's like, who's dumping who here?

Jordan Peterson: Spotify Would Be 'Out of Their Mind' to Remove Joe Rogan

I'm not a fan of Trudeau because I don't think he's capable of saying an honest word, and I truly mean that. And I've watched his speeches over and over, watching to see what's going on with him, and all I see is acting.

Jordan Bashes Trudeau for Fleeing Ottawa Over Security Concerns; The Truckers Are Peaceful

I watched what happened in the United States with Trump and Clinton ... People liked the unscripted, impulsive lies of Trump better than the scripted instrumental lies of Clinton.

Trump's Unscripted Impulsive Lies > Clinton's Scripted Instrumental Lies

The fact that China is a totalitarian state has had a very negative consequence on us in the West, especially in the... immediate emergence of the pandemic. Because what we did was we rushed to imitate a totalitarian state. We thought, 'Chinese lockdown, we better do it.' It's like, really? We better do what the CCP did? Well, that's what we did.

Jordan Peterson on Kids Wearing Masks & Lockdowns: We've Yet to Pay the Price

I really don't like conflict. So, I don't like it deferred because I know what happens if conflict is deferred—you get weaker because you back off, and the conflict gets more intense because its tentacles grow in a sense.

Will Jordan Peterson Ever Run for Canadian Prime Minister?

Rogan has 11 million listeners per episode now. I see absolutely no reason why he won't have 20 million listeners per episode in a year, especially if people keep trying to take him out.

Jordan Praises Joe Rogan's Impact, Anticipates 2x Listener Growth By 2023

Never do a large-scale intervention without building in an evaluation. 25% of your intervention budget should be evaluation because you do not know that your stupid intervention, which you think will do what it you think it will do, that's just a guess. It's a guess, and it could go wildly wrong ten ways you don't predict.

Large-Scale Interventions, Like COVID Lockdowns, Have Unintended Consequences

I know perfectly well, if the automobile was invented today, that no ordinary person would be able to have one because they'd be too dangerous.

Nothing Says Freedom Like a 16-Year-Old Driving a 400-Horsepower Mustang

Conservatives really have something to sell to young people ... They can sell the meaning of responsibility because young people are bereft of meaning, and most people find meaning in responsibility.

Conservatives Have Something to Sell Young People: The Meaning of Responsibility

It's always been awkward for me to go to church because, for a variety of reasons, and some of that might just be the unwillingness to do it. But I find myself uncomfortable in them, often, because I always got the impression that the people who are reading the words didn't believe them.

Jordan Peterson Doesn't Attend Church; He Finds It Awkward

Our whole culture pushes the idea that teenage life, or even childhood for that matter, but teenage life is some sort of pinnacle, and then everybody dresses down, they look, especially men, they look like overgrown 10-year-olds, and there's something extremely demeaning about that.

Jordan Peterson Thinks Most Adult Men Dress Like 'Overgrown 10-Year-Olds'

If students are being disrespectful to professors, something's wrong ... That's not what happens at a university. I have no tolerance for that in my classes. If you are out of line, you are more than welcome to leave now!

Jordan Peterson Recalls Getting 'Shanghaied' By a Student Trans Activist Group

I realized that one of the pathways to totalitarian catastrophe was deceit at the individual level.

Jordan's Mission: Convince the Masses That Deceit Is a Path to Totalitarian Catastrophe

I really like being as busy as I can possibly be all of the time.

Although Jordan Enjoys Artistic Endeavors, He Felt Compelled to Go on Tour & Lecture

Journalists are colluding with politicians? Well, they're not journalists anymore, and they're also not politicians, because if they were politicians and journalists, they wouldn't be colluding. Whatever they are, as a consequence of this collusion, is not politicians and journalists; it's some completely new thing.

Why Jordan Thinks the Mainstream Media Is in a 'Technologically-Fueled Death Spiral'

When I watch Mr. Trudeau through the lenses that I've developed over the years, I see someone who never ever says a true word.

Jordan Thinks Trudeau Is a Liar; He Would Have Handled COVID Differently

I'm not particularly right-leaning. The fact that I was branded conservative, or right-wing for that matter, really came as quite a shock to me because, temperamentally, I'm kind of halfway between a liberal and conservative because I'm very conscientious, but I'm also very high in this trait, openness, which is a creativity dimension.

Jordan Peterson Isn't Right-Leaning; He's Halfway Between Conservative & Liberal