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#232 Andrew Tate Vs The Matrix
Real Talk with Zuby
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#232 Andrew Tate Vs The Matrix

Real Talk with Zuby

Zuby , Andrew Tate

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They're always going to be scared of any message that comes from somebody that people idolize and respect, which is basically telling people to be strong, physically and mentally, and to resist a slave mind and to think for themselves. Because their number one agenda is to create worker drones. They don't want you to think for yourself, which means that, to a degree, you need to be weak, both mentally and physically.

The Matrix's #1 Agenda? Create Worker Drones; They Don't Want You to Think for Yourself

Once the matrix can program an emotional response into you, and you can't even logically with your own words explain why you have that emotional response, you're completely a slave mind.

Many People Can't Explain Their Emotional Reactions; They're Programmed By the Matrix

Those who can be programmed by the media machine and the matrix to just be slave-minded and not think for themselves are the exact ones who always commit the most atrocities.

Andrew Tate Thinks Slave-Minded Individuals Commit the Most Atrocities

It's just truly amazing that they can destroy someone's life for 3 years... And all the people who were tools of an agenda, now that the agenda is over, are not sentient enough to sit and go, 'Wow, they fooled me. I need to think more carefully next time they try and fool me.' No, they just continue with the programming.

Tate Is Dumbfounded That COVID Agenda Pusher Don't Realize They Were Fooled

I do think that humanity and the world itself is heading for genuine global slavery ... Our children's children will live in a world which is very different from our own, and I don't think it'll be more free.

Andrew Tate Thinks Humanity Is Heading Toward Global Slavery

I don't believe that people who are losers didn't decide to be losers. If you're a loser, you chose to be. For the same reason, if you're fat, you chose to be fat. I don't fucking buy any bullshit that someone is force-feeding you. You decided to be.

Andrew Tate Thinks Losers Choose to Be Losers & Fat People Choose to Be Fat

If the social media companies and the media companies can control the information people have access to and they'll delete an entire side of the argument for anybody that tries to talk against it, then they are creating a false reality. And people are buying into this false reality so they can stay asleep long enough to continue to be a slave.

When You Speak Out Against the Matrix, The Media Machine Retaliates

It's not just a mask. I'm a sentient being ... I get to decide what I want to do with my body. And if everyone else is wearing a mask, then they're already safe, so why do I fucking need one? I don't want to wear one. Who are they to tell me and force me to wear something on my face?

Andrew Tate Thinks Mask Mandates Were About Power & Compliance

Most parents aren't even aware of the fact that they don't even raise their own kids ... Your kids go to school, and the school tells them what to fucking believe. When they finish school, they sit on the Internet, and the Internet tells them what to believe.

Parents Don't Raise Kids Anymore; They're Programmed By School & The Internet

Cowardice is the problem. The world is full of cowards. We suffer from a pandemic of cowardice; we never suffered from any other pandemic the last three years.

The World Is Full of Cowards; Fear Is the #1 Control Mechanism

Fear has always been the control mechanism of man. The worst things that've ever happened in any society or any civilization since the dawn of fucking records has been done under the name of fear ... Once people are afraid, give them a common enemy, they'll do anything you want.

The World Is Full of Cowards; Fear Is the #1 Control Mechanism

The people who are sticking up for the matrix and all of its garbage the hardest are also the people who are talking about depression, talking about anxiety ... Anyone who disagrees with objective reality, by circumstance or by happenstance, seems to have some kind of mental defect.

Andrew Tate: People Who Stick Up for the Matrix Have Mental Health Problems

I've yet to meet somebody... who eats, right, goes to the gym everyday, and trains as hard as they could who's not in fantastic shape. I've never seen it.

Andrew Tate Thinks Losers Choose to Be Losers & Fat People Choose to Be Fat

Self-accountability is truly terrifying to a loser who know they'll always be a loser. Once you realize that you don't have the mental fortitude to get up and change yourself, then the last thing you want is self-accountability. That's very scary to you.

Self-Accountability Is Terrifying to a Loser; The World Is Competitive

You can't only be able to perform when you're happy. You can't only go to the gym when you're motivated. You can't only be a competent person when your life's going well—because when your life's not going well, you're no longer competent, then you're gonna lose to people like me.

Andrew Tate's Mindset Is Based on Competence, Not Emotions; That's Why He's Competitive

They want our minds to live in a false reality. They don't want you to understand the truth about anything ... They don't want people to truly understand anything about the world. There's a reason why you go to school and you do not learn about taxes or money or banking or inflation or any of the fucking shit that's going on now.

Andrew Tate: The Matrix Wants You Living in a False Reality; Everything Is a Lie

When you click accept to these companies, you're accepting terms and conditions that are so ridiculously vague, they basically mean 'we can ban anyone at any time without reason because we decided to.' They don't have to give you a reason.

Companies Like Meta & YouTube Never Gave Tate a Reason for Suspending Him

Once they can convince you to ignore your own eyes, well, that's the end of the game ... That's the final level of slave programing they're trying to get us to. They want us to ignore our own eyes, ignore our own ears, ignore our innate morality.

The Matrix Wants People to Ignore Their Own Eyes

If you read any history book or read... all of the most heinous shit committed by humanity were people who just couldn't think for them fucking selves.

Andrew Tate Thinks Slave-Minded Individuals Commit the Most Atrocities

You didn't go to your parents' funeral because it was funny; you stayed in your house for months for no reason because it was funny; you lost your business because it made someone else laugh. That's all it was. People sat around in charge of the world and said, 'Fuck 'em.'

Andrew Thinks COVID Mandates Were a Joke; Elites Ruined Lives for Entertainment

I would argue that the mandates and solution to the disease was much worse than the disease itself, especially if you include their fucking injection of theirs.

Andrew Tate Thinks COVID Mandates Were Worse Than the Disease Itself

People who obeyed the COVID rules, it wasn't for your own interest; you were psyopted into believing it was. And now we have large contingents of the European population who believe it's in their own interest to have heating bills go up 8x and inflation go up 20% a year, to send money and guns to Ukraine for a proxy war. Like, why? Why would you want that to happen?

Andrew Tate on the Similarity Between COVID & The War in Ukraine

If you take a man and give him a life shielded from problems and he never has any to face, I guarantee you he's terrible at being a man. The best men in the world have gone through shit ... That's why women love scars.

Andrew Tate Encourages Men to Embrace Problems & Use Them for Fuel

When I look at Christianity in its current form, I don't think that they can be right in terms of their interpretation of God, because if they were correct, God would give them the strength to defend themselves—and they don't. Christianity doesn't mean anything anymore.

Andrew Tate Is Embracing Islam; He Thinks Christianity Is a Joke

If the Christian interpretation of God was correct, then God would be giving them the strength to resist, but they don't resist anything. I don't believe Christians have preserved a single thing in modern time.

Andrew Tate Is Embracing Islam; He Thinks Christianity Is a Joke