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Zuby: "This is a Moral Panic" - Zuby
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Zuby: "This is a Moral Panic"


Zuby , Konstantin Kisin, Francis Foster

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When it comes to lockdown and mask mandates—and one could even argue vaccination rates to some extent, depending on which countries you're looking at—there is no solid strong evidence that lockdowns have helped to save lives.

Zuby: There's No Evidence COVID Lockdowns & Mask Mandates Saved Lives

I think that giving these injections to children is psychotic. I think it's reckless ... The risk of the disease is close to zero in terms of severe disease, let alone death. It's close to zero. We know that. We've got data from every country in the world for two years. We know that.

Zuby: Giving COVID-19 Vaccines to Children Is 'Psychotic'

It was announced yesterday they want to get people on a three-month booster campaign. So, people are taking four injections a year. Has there ever been a time in history where a healthy person, let alone everybody, needs to take four injections a year. Just think about that. That's unprecedented.

COVID in a Nutshell: Power-Hungry Governments + Profit-Driven Vaccine Providers

When I view this thing through the lens of health & safety and protecting people from a virus, there's a lot of things that don't make sense—whether you're talking the denial of natural immunity or you're talking about why someone wants you to wear a mask to enter three steps into a restaurant just for you to take it off again for an hour.

Zuby Thinks the COVID Natural Immunity Denial Is a Massive Red Flag

Has a single healthy five-year-old anywhere in the world died of this virus? I'm not aware of a single child, healthy child... anywhere in the world who's died of this particular virus.

Zuby Thinks Pressuring 5-Year-Olds to Get Vaccinated Is Lunacy

If you look at the USA, you look state-to-state, you've got 50 different countries which all implemented different lockdown policies—there's no correlation between the lockdowns and the death rates per million.

Zuby: There's No Evidence COVID Lockdowns & Mask Mandates Saved Lives

I do believe that in politics, I do believe that very high up in certain corporations, etc. you're going to get more people who have psychopathic tendencies.

It's Possible Some Politicians Had Malicious Intents Amid COVID-19

I would be interested to see how many people took these shots because they specifically truly thought it was the best thing for them, for their health and their well-being, versus how many people took it due to pressure and coercion.

Zuby Thinks Pressuring 5-Year-Olds to Get Vaccinated Is Lunacy

The people who have been really trying to ram all these policies, one thing I noticed they have in common is that they're hardly affected by them and that they've been getting paid all the way through. Is anyone in the media, has any politician, taken a pay cut during all of these lockdowns and all these stay-at-home orders? No, they've been earning their money as usual. They've been flaunting many of the rules themselves. They've suffered some of the least from it.

Amid COVID-19, Governments Prioritized Profit & Control Over Human Lives

This is the first virus in history where people want it to be worse than it is.

Many People Want COVID-19 to Be Worse Than It Is

I think we're living through a period of moral panic, mass psychosis, mass formation, and overall confusion. And I think what's particularly strange is that this is happening pretty much on a global scale.

Zuby on COVID-19: Worldwide, People Are Experiencing Mass Psychosis

Many parts of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand... I think too many people are welcoming in the new regime. I think that if you are a liberty minded person, you should be doing your best to get out of those countries.

In Some Countries, COVID Restrictions Will Never End

I think one of the most insidious things that I've seen going on—and I predicted this happening—was this demonization of the unvaccinated.

Zuby on the Demonization of the Unvaccinated: 'It's Despicable'